Handwritten, Social Media and Email Greetings

by Marguerite Granat on December 25, 2009

I admit that I have not sent any handwritten cards this year and I’m not proud of that fact. Having gone through some major changes in my personal and business lives, it was too overwhelming this year to sit down and write them. Sir Henry Cole, an inventor during the 19th century was also feeling overwhelmed during a holiday season over 160 years ago and decided to do something about it. In the old days people had to design each card by hand and it took too long to send cards to a large number of people in the way we do today. Sir Cole hired a painter to design a greeting card, had them printed and sent them to his network. He sold the rest, effectively inventing the first commercial greeting card that started a tradition that comes to us to this day with the greeting card industry.

It was interesting to observe how I felt when receiving different types of greetings. Some people still send a generic group email, others @ messages on Twitter or generic messages on Linked-in. One of my favorite greetings was a handwritten note with a little bit of calligraphy and a customized message. I’ll admit that there were several email greetings that were sent by people whom I have not talked to for years, who are not part of my Social Media network¬†and I decided¬†not to open the message. The Social Media messages on Twitter were my second favorite after the handwritten notes. They felt authentic and they were from people I interact with on Twitter on a regular basis.

Your Thoughts and Insights

  • What kind of greetings did you enjoy receiving most?

Photo Credits, Sara Parrott

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